I started this blog out of encouragement from folks I know who use bogging to help them develop drafts, take notes, etc.. I also started it in an attempt to get back into the habit of writing, because for a long time I stopped writing anything and now find I’m much slower at it and find it to be a lot of work, especially if it involves source citations. What I’m finding is that I have multiple conflicting impulses for writing:
research – focus on historical note-taking and draft work, which is what I’m most into
debate – regularly write down political analysis, notes and replies to new articles etc.
reflection – write down reflections from personal experience, etc..

The problem is, I don’t like mixing those in the same blog format. I’m gonna probly revive the original “drunken notes” format for doing non-publishable stuff that’s more about daily observations, drunken rants etc.. I might also set up a different thing for research work… but I’m holding off on that because I wanna see if some comrades would be interested in co-working on that. I’m thinking, stuff I’d wanna eventually publish on libcom is what I’d mainly be interested in for that, while stuff that’s more written in reply to other people (esp fellow wobs) or that doesn’t have a specific audience but isn’t really historical research, I’d publish on this blog.

A survey of conflicting stuff I feel like writing about, and can’t decide what to prioritize:

– political observations (the elections etc.), for no specific audience (just anyone who’s listening)
– research, especially old labor history and stuff related to that
– organizing, that’s where the debate stuff comes in
– work and daily life, something I haven’t written about but want to get more into the habit of writing about that (not so much a diary/journal in the sense of keeping track of the days, which I’m purely uninterested in… just a place for random stuff)

Will get back to all this later.


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