libcom reading

Reminder to self to read through all this
and various other readings guides from “Ed” on libcom here

Also re-read and review these from Wildcat (UK)

“Good old-fashioned trade unionism”
“Outside and against the unions”


Add this to the anti-union list:

Add Bonanno’s critique of syndicalism.

Will eventually write something about all the anti-union stuff.

Add “Workers against work: labor in Paris and Barcelona during the Popular Fronts” by Michael Seidman

“Worker autonomy: debate on the trade unions”

Was supposed to read that like a year ago, and never got around to it. Could work into anti-union reading list.

“The WWII and post-war strike wave” –

Reminder to read this for race radicalism research

IWW articles

“War on the waterfront” – Peter Cole

“Ben Fletcher, IWW organizer” –

“They didn’t suppress the Wobblies” – Fred Thompson


“From gang-bangers to urban revolutionaries: the Young Lords of Chicago”

“Grassroots political militants: Banlieusards and politics”

“Race and the CIO: the possibilities for racial egalitarianism during the 1930s and 1940s”

“I Will Not Crawl: excerpts from Robert F. Williams on black struggle and armed self-defense in Monroe, NC” –


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