I found this old thing from the mysterious Scott Nappalos http://snappalos.wordpress.com/2006/12/26/iww-historical-contradictions/ which I find still applicable. I found the comments about Canadian labor law (or labour law as the Canadians spell it) etc. also helpful, all stuff too that’s come up recently around the convention and the push to ban no-strike clauses and other restrictions from IWW agreements. And, lastly, I also found the mysteriously named comment-75 (out of 24 comments) by FW Morgan, to be directly relevant to stuff I’m doing in the union right now, around pushing for more IU organization and less what he calls “community activist culture” (right!). Also note comment-76 and comment-77, namely the comments immediately following comment-75.

A side joke: Canadian workers, join the IWW! We put the “u” in “labour”…


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