An Undemocratic Blog With Only Paper Radicalism

I hereby rename this blog what it really is, an undemocratic blog with only paper radicalism. I am the sole author of this name, do not believe anyone who might tell you (not that they will) that it’s inspired by something about to be published by someone I know.

On an unrelated note, Nate, have you considered a sequel called “An Undemocratic Paper With Only Organization Radicalism” written from the perspective of an illiterate insurrectionist??

A discussion term, discussion not included: “radical paper-ism”


One thought on “An Undemocratic Blog With Only Paper Radicalism

  1. Glad to see this blog up. I love the wordplay here. Radical paperism makes me think me of a bit from Max Elbaum (Ive seen people use the analysis, not read the Elbaum yet) about what he calls, I think, ‘miniaturized leninism’. The idea is that small leninist political organizations tend to want act like they’re just small versions of really big mass parties, and so they try to do small versions of all the stuff that those big organizations do. That’s kind of like having an auto plant with 10 people there – the downward scaling of the effort makes the effort less efficient/effective than the larger effort, because there really are economies of scale in organizational stuff. I don’t think this is unique to any particular ideological perspective.
    take care,

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